Why Hockey Stride Analysis?


In the field of education there are three different learning styles: Auditory (those who learn best by hearing), Visual (those who learn best by seeing), and Kinesthetic (those who learn best by physically doing). Coaches often “tell” players how to perform and run drills to practice the physical form, but an on-ice demonstration only goes so far if the player can’t see what their own body is doing.

For younger skaters in particular, technology is naturally a part of their lives and a major form of communication. The iPhone generation actually embraces the use of video and younger kids love seeing themselves in action, so why not use it as a teaching tool?

By using professional HD video equipment and advanced editing software, Regner Hockey Stride offers much more than just a video of a player skating. We are able to isolate and clearly show the exact areas where the stride is breaking down, all with perfect clarity so nothing is missed.

Whether we are doing analysis of self-shot video you send us, or examining footage we captured, each finished video includes step-by-step instructions on what must be done to take the stride to the next level. By using graphics on-screen including spotlights, arrows and angles for knee bend, we deliver premium content that is easily understood. A voiceover is also included so the auditory learners have an additional way to process the instruction. It all adds up to a complete package for not just the player, but the coaches & parents, too.

Regner Hockey Stride videos can also be used to chart a player’s progress throughout the years. As kids grow, their bodies change and so can their stride. It is important to continue monitoring the most vital part of the game at every age level – from Mini-Mite all the way to Pro. Through the use of the internet families can also use the video to show grandparents or others their superstar in action.

We realize that hockey is an expensive sport and people may wonder if it’s worth it to have their stride analyzed. But think about it – a stick routinely costs $200, and a photo collage from a tournament is $40. But do those elements actually make you a better player? Regner Hockey Stride allows you to see exactly where you can improve your game – frame by frame!

Stride Analysis Packages


Although based in Michigan, Regner Hockey Stride can be used by anyone with access to ice and an HD smartphone/camera. We will provide detailed instructions on how to capture quality video of a skater’s stride that you can upload to us for complete analysis.

  • Summary of video shooting tips to capture highest quality video content
  • Includes front view and side view Stride Analysis
  • Still frame analysis of key points in stride
  • Graphics and visual markers to highlight areas for improvement
  • Detailed voiceover with stride coaching corrections

Advanced & On-Location Packages

For elite or local clients Regner Hockey Stride offers a full range of services where we film the player ourselves and can examine any component of the stride you want to focus on.

BASIC – $125.00

  • Side View (across frame)
  • Front View (facing camera)
  • Slow Motion (both angles)
  • Comparison with Elite Skater

ADVANCED – $300.00

  • Side View with Pan = Longer Duration
  • Back View
  • Stop – Left
  • Stop – Right
  • Start (From front)
  • Start (from back)


  • Close-Up of Skates Only
  • Backwards (all angles)
  • Crossovers
  • Going through Cones (sharp turns, stops, pivots)
  • Shooting (wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, backhand)
  • Stick Handling
  • CU on Stick & Hands for Stickhandling/Shooting

Additional Information

Each video includes a custom title of the player name, jersey # and team along with voiceover instruction.

Pricing varies by the number of angles chosen and is done on a per-player basis. Team rates/discounts available.

*We are also able to break down any other sport where form is essential including: golf, swimming, running, baseball, basketball, football, and many others.