“Improving Your Game, Frame by Frame”

The Stride. It’s the most fundamental component of hockey. The best skaters are usually the best players. If you can get to the puck first you will control the game.


Being fast isn’t just a matter of moving your feet quicker than everyone else; the proper form is essential. It isn’t just about pure speed either. The toughest skaters to knock off the puck are also the ones that have the best form with knees bent and a low center of gravity.

So if the hockey stride is the most vital part of hockey, how do you teach proper form? Good coaching is key. Knee bend and full extension must constantly be reinforced. You want to create good skating habits.

The problem is, players sometimes think they’re in perfect form even when there’s obvious room for improvement – they might think they’re as low as they can go, but their knee will only be bent at 60 degrees when 90-degrees is considered proper form. Coaches also sometimes miss things because the skating motion happens so quickly. A player may have the proper knee bend or full leg extension, but they could be losing valuable power if their skate blade is coming off the ice too early.

This is where Regner Hockey Stride can be an invaluable tool – we help players and coaches see what they’ve been missing. By slowing down the hockey stride through the use of high-definition video and then examining the stride frame by frame we have the ability to pinpoint exactly where improvements can be made. Not only do the coaches have the opportunity to use this knowledge to correct flaws, the player can see it, too. Additionally parents or anyone else can be a part of the process to help learn, develop and reinforce the proper skating habits.

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Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, MORC Stars is a great organization you should consider supporting. They use hockey as a means to help Special Needs kids develop life skills to improve their day-to-day activities. Check out the video Regner Hockey Stride made to help them promote their organization. More information available on our links page